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Executive Branding Coaching

As a Digital Executive having a presence online is more important than ever. Together, we’ll walk through each one of the BlissPoint principles and the actions to put them into practice, helping you get over any of your social media fears or insecurities, develop an authentic voice, and connect with others online.

Our Executive Coaching helps you meet your audience members - from fanatical followers to potential customers; from seasoned veteran colleagues to interns in the office where they are. And in so doing, you grow your digital presence. Having a strong digital presence is foundational to the success of your company.

What You'll Be Coached On
  • Crafting posts that ensure your message is heard.
  • Hacking the LinkedIn algorithm to assure success.
  • Connecting with customers, partners and potential clients.
  • Creating a strong personal and professional brand.
  • Increasing your presence and confidence in the online community

Your followers want to hear from you. You have the opportunity to teach, influence, and lead more effectively than anything in the past with a strong social media presence. Armed with the knowledge from our coaching, you’ll have a clearly defined path, what and where and who to engage with.

You'll be familiar with agile practices and have a highly technical background, comfortable discussing detailed technical aspects of system design and implementation, whilst remaining business driven. With 5+ years of systems analysis, technical analysis or business analysis experience, you'll have an expansive toolkit of communication techniques to enable shared, deep understanding of financial and technical concepts by diverse stakeholders with varying backgrounds and needs. In addition, you will have exposure to financial systems or accounting knowledge.

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